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  1. Bullet Make it Easy. Take the guess-work from gardening or Fishing.

  2. Bullet Based on astronomy, not astrology.

  3. Bullet Simple to use.

  4. Bullet Gardening and Fishing Lunar Guide© by PrintLife®.

  5. Bullet Gives you information for year round, year after year!

  6. Bullet Guided by the full moon and Lunar events!

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  9. Bullet To be used to fine tune seed packet instructions.

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is New Zealand owned by

Frank and Patricia Gausden

Gardening and Fishing Lunar Guide

In Europe generations
have used the
moon cycles
to influence
their food production.

Now you can
re-discover the wisdom of
the ages.

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Do it the lunar way!

Take the guess work from gardening or fishing

This Lunar Guide was devised by a nurseryman many generations
ago and is the result of experiments made in sequential plantings
and in fishing successes. It does say the best time to plant
root crops, seeds, plough, dig and cultivate,
planting times, fertile periods, etc.,
relative to a current lunar cycle.